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Artist Book

The Gaul, 1974



Responding to a series of photographs, newspaper articles and government investigations, The Gaul, 1974, 2017 was a result in which I selected text from hundreds of archival material that documents the loss of the fishing vessel, The Gaul in 1974.
The Gaul went missing in the Barents Sea during heavy weather at the height of the cold war.  In all, 36 crew members were lost along with the ship. As part of an exhibition at The Old Low Lights, North Shields, United Kingdom, I looked into each of these documents and selected text that referred to official investigations, changes of communication (telegrams, letters, emails and Wikipedia pages) and the personal loss that the local communities endured.
The artist book was made as a response to these sensitive subjects that allowed an insight for an audience who knew of the loss or not by picking up the book and gain some understanding of the tragedy.

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