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One is the Loneliest Number



One is the Loneliest Number, is made up of 47 digital photographs taken over a period of 2 hours in The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, United States on 17 February 2022.

Each space was almost void of visitors due to the winter season and Covid-19 restrictions which amplified the one to one experience of the space. During my visit to the gallery, I no longer became focused  on the art but the seating available to the visitors, the emptiness of the galleries were made more apparent from the unused benches and sofas, with only the occasional gallery leaflet forgotten and left behind.  This situation evolved into a fetished and irrational need to capture these empty spaces with only myself, but which is given away from some of the poor angles and blurred photographs - but the photographs are not the point, it is the situation, the milieu that I find myself in and a need to retain for my own prosperity.

(...and I can't help keep thinking about Franz West when I see a seat, armchair, office chair, bench, pew or stool in a gallery)

47 Digital Photographs
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