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Neon Light
24 x 23 cm

Artist Obituaries | Signatures: Sol LeWitt, 2007



My interests in Appropriation Art, Monochrome Art and Conceptual Art continues with Artist Obituary Signature series in which I looks into how artists record ownership and authenticity.  I'm looking at the challenges of artists signature of legitimacy which is used to validate and value art.  I recall a trip to the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh in 1999 with my art class in which a curator spoke to the group about a Vincent van Gogh painting, yet previously that week there was an article on the news in which van Gogh’s Sunflowers, 1888, National Gallery, London has signature on the painting, while the other versions had no signature and this questioned the authenticity of the painting within the National Gallery's collection.
Choosing LeWitt’s signature, I'm questioning the truthfulness of the artist, and in particular after their death, and with LeWitt’s conceptual method of supplying instructions for people to make his wall drawings from a script is underscored after the artists death.
The white light of the neon refers to Conceptual Arts approach to minimalism and with LeWitt’s often use of white in his work along with the idea that death is presented by a glowing white light.


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