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Wall Painting and Drawing
164.5 cm x 197.7 cm and 26.3 x 21 cm

After IMI Knoebel, Mennige (Pentagon), 1992


Sourcing a drawing by IMI Knoebel, I uses the instruction to reproduce a painting that is limited to 12 installations. As with Sol LeWitt’s work, Knoebel permits others to make the work, which I had decided to carry out despite any authorisation and permission to do so.

My use of the artist’s name, the title and year of the work implies recognition of Knoebel and his contribution to the canon of Monochrome Art. My use of the prefix of the word ‘After’, evokes Sherrie Levine’s After Series, in which Levine appropriated and thereby questioned the authentic, representation and the commodification of art. In turn,  have recognised these actions of not seeking consent, yet it is the creation of the painting and the inclusion of the instructions which symbolises admiration of Knoebel and Levine.

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