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New Contemporaries 2019.JPG

New Contemporaries, Leeds Cit Art Gallery, 2019.

She, 2017

As a socially and politically, queer artist, I continue to explore the distances and boundaries of how we approach and engage with art.


My intentions are to assimilate, poetically through the lens of a unique approach to complex aesthetic ideas, and a fresh approach that reimagines areas of art that has the potential to be perceived as inaccessible and exclusive. I perform the roles of researcher and curator in the projects in which I subvert the emphasis of the object/artwork within the regular exhibition model. Instead, I offer alternative proposals that take the place of exhibitions and artworks observed first hand via the use and interaction of art and its associations and secondly through my own host institution/website. I’m particularly interested in the practice of artists from the 60s, 70s and 80’s - specifically systems of classification, publications, the use of taxonomies, ideas concerning appropriation, research, curation, shifting subjectivities, institutional critique, making, presenting, the Death of the Author, and information in the age of Web 2.0.


Via divergent clashes through appropriated imagery, reimagines and remixes existing systems of classification, not just concerning the individual works my ideas also deal with the subversion of representation, class, sexuality, politics and neurodiversity.


Immediate and direct responses are unedited and not manipulated in which I keep source and found material uninterrupted in the same approach as the readymade.  The negotiation of these projects unintentionally always involve apophenia and the amplification of my own personal milieu of circumstance and situation that are deeply personal but are shared and understood as we navigate the scope of the fetishisation need to record, document and to preserve.

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