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Baltic Newsletter No.5 and Photographs
Dimensions Variable

Art Photograph Series - Taratantara
2018 (1998-Present)


Beginning in 1998, using a cheap 35mm camera, I started to take photographs of paintings, sculptures and installations from galleries, museums and art that I would find in public spaces. When I stopped collecting in 2008, I had amassed a total of 954 photographs of art.

With my increasing interest in art, I visited the redevelopment of the old flour mill that became the BALTIC, Centre for Contemporary Art, to see their first commissioned art work; Anish Kapoor’s TARATANTARA, 1999. As part of the marketing campaign the BALTIC released several Newsletters which I kept.

In preparation for the exhibition, Something Else, I minned my collections and discovered Kapoor’s quote within one of the Newsletters. By placing the two archival materials together, I continue to adapt projects so that original concept and outcome can transverse to alternative conclusions. The pairing of the photographs and Newsletter also allow for me to rationalise my need to collect and gather by building visual and anecdotal relationships.

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